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Terry Scott

Garden Place house outdoors lounging deck

When Ann and I finally decided to go ahead with renovations and an extension to our house, we had a pretty fixed idea of what we wanted. But in our hearts we were not happy with our own ideas and hoped, somewhat forlornly, for something new, a possibility that we had not seen. We asked Biz to come over and have a look around, we then gave him an extremely vague description of what we wanted. Something like "We want more living space."

Biz came back about a fortnight later with a plan that floored both Ann and I, we knew immediately that this was the design we had been hoping for. It was completely different to anything we had thought of ourselves and it was absolutely perfect for the house and the setting. We went through a long process of refinement, during which Biz and Bevan were superb.

The house as it is now, with the renovations finished, is exactly the house we had hoped to live in. The comments we regularly receive from friends and family are so positive that it is almost embarrassing. Basically we now live in the best house I have ever been in, or seen. I look in magazines and think to myself, "Well, that's nice, but I'd rather live here."

So thanks Biz.

Kevin Tattersall

After researching and talking to designers for our house (including architects) I chose to go with Eco Workshop. A choice that proved to be correct on several different levels. I found this to be a more financially effective option compared to using architects (the architects that I spoke with at least). Eco Workshop has a similar sustainability philosophy to that of myself and my wife (for example: passive solar design, efficiency of space, minimising materials, and future proofing). Their previous house designs met our satisfaction on paper and in completion, and when we asked previous clients, they spoke of positive experiences dealing with Eco Workshop.

I can honestly say the design process and working with Eco Workshop has to be one of the most enjoyable things I've done in life. I am left with good memories, people I consider to be friends, and a fantastic passive solar designed house... thanks to Eco Workshop.

Anne Feryok

Side view of new living, sleeping and outdoor sections

Eco Workshop transformed our house into our home for the future. Eco Workshop paid careful attention to our requirements, developing a design that met our needs within budget and site constraints. We were very satisfied with the time and attention Biz Boyle put into educating us about local regulations, design principles, and building and materials characteristics, as we wanted to understand and not just undergo the process. We were delighted with the plans that completely preserved the original house design, while dramatically added a contemporary eco-friendly alteration. We appreciated the professionalism and enjoyed friendliness of working with Eco Workshop, and enthusiastically recommend them.